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The Universal Bonds That Bind Us

Bringing Vital Peace and Serenity to the Children of This World

Dr. Jamie, a nationally known Boomer generation trauma-informed psychologist, specializing in High Conflict, Toxic Abusive Relationships is based in the United States of America.

Mila, his Millennial generation literary partner, a screenwriter, and author, and like Dr. Jamie, also an advocate for empaths, have found themselves as champions for those who have been hit by collateral damage in this the world’s greatest public health disaster: Narcissistic Rage, and subsequent Parental Alienation. Mila comes from the Utopian land that doesn’t exist anymore: once a perfect blend of the best qualities that each country possessed – Yugoslavia. Dr. Jamie from a lifelong journey of interventions, running treatment centers, and working with people from all walks of life.

A famous American therapist “who has had to walk the path less traveled” and a literary Warrior, a third culture child, based currently in the European Union have united as an “odd” team to walk “you” through the challenging New World of Hell of Attachment Disorders, CPTSD recovery, Parental Alienation, Narcissistic Abuse, and the collateral damage. The “radioactive nuclear waste sites” that such disorders create.

Dr. Jamie and Mila bridged amidst the greatest public health disaster and invisible worldwide threat, created an intimate bond of contrasting generations with the same universal purpose; to guide those who are willing and able to the get to the other side for them and for their alienated children. For so many men, who are walking in this barren desert of mental health hell, isolated from so many in their lives, there has been a historical death of resources. Partners in Men’s Health has been created to be this “bridge over troubled waters.”

Partners in Men’s Health helps all partners and spouses locked into Toxic Abusive Relationships while focusing on men who lack the number of mental health services. Partners in Men’s Health supports men to open up and heal with dignity through the concealed pandemic of Emotional Abuse at the hands of Personality Disordered loved ones. Whether you are a spouse, son, daughter, parent, or a colleague in a toxic work environment, Dr. Jamie and Mila, through Partners in Men’s Health, always have your back.

You deserve more: you are better and worthy of living a fulfilling life and being loved and loving yourself.

Dr. Jamie
Out of the fog. Into the light.

We do not need guns and bombs to bring peace, we need love and compassion and to “keep our eyes on the donut and not the hole.”

Hi, I’m Dr. Jamie, a Clinical Conductor of the Transformational Team at PMH. I’m a trauma-informed Psychologist, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and Certified Compassion Fatigue Therapist. For 30 years, I’ve been helping men and women overcome their traumatic, degrading experiences using a comprehensive trauma-informed approach that lifts the mind and spirit in difficult situations when dealing with High Conflict Relationships (TAR).

I’ve seen it all: the painful after-effects of Toxic Abusive Relationships, the long-lasting CPTSD, and I’ve made it my purpose to educate men on how to live better, become warriors instead of victims, and assist them to come out of the psychological “Fog of War”. For years, I’ve worked with men from various backgrounds and social groups: firefighters, police officers, soldiers, business executives, managers, clerks, pizza delivery guys. And despite their different backgrounds, they all stepped into the battlefield that nearly cost them their lives‌.

I’ve been alongside my patients fighting on the front lines of warfare, and have developed a Dojo of tools to ensure men can heal, be the best fathers possible, and find a deeper meaning in their lives‌.

As Mother Teresa puts it simply, “If you want peace on this earth, then love your children.” I use tried and proven transformational coaching skills aimed at traumatized men and provide mental health service, online support, and telephone real-time access using a network of clinicians who’ve been through toxic abusive relationships and found ways to live better.

My purpose is to educate, assist, encourage men to improve their lives, break free from toxic abusive relationships, improve their well-being, and reconnect with their alienated children one step at a time.

Hi, I’m Mila, a daughter, sister, stepmom, and a fiancé of a devoted father.

Professionally, I am a screenwriter: I wrote screenplays, published several short stories, and I write articles on various topics, focusing on Parental Alienation, Narcissism, Toxic Relationships, Malicious Parent Syndrome, and Shared Parenting providing practical real-life examples of how to tackle the issues above.

As a stepmom, I became collateral damage of a malicious, toxic, and narcissistic person and ended up in the witness box defending my sacred relationship with my stepchild.

Sometimes I wonder if it wasn’t for this excruciating experience I would not be so proud of the woman I have become. I would not be here now, helping others find the resilience, determination, and purpose within themselves and become their own compasses.

My purpose is to write and provide useful information about Toxic Abusive Relationships and help you recover. I am here to help stepparents that have become “collateral damage” in the “psychological war” of TAR heal.

I know where you’ve been. I’ve been there too. I’ve experienced it all: being abused, seeing the man I love being abused, and my stepchild being alienated. I’ve been there with them, and we learned to pick each other up and stimulate ourselves to cut ties with toxicity and focus on what matters the most: healing and being the best role models we can be to “our” child.

I will help you, one article at a time.

Warrior. Empath. Stepmother.

To heal, a deep change must occur within us. We must overcome our fears.

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