CPTSD Resources

Partners in Men’s Health is currently curating and developing international resources for men with CPTSD, to support their healing journeys.

Complex post-traumatic stress disorder (CPTSD) is a trauma-related mental health condition that results from sustained abuse and powerlessness‌.

CPTSD develops from life-threatening trauma or domestic and other interpersonal abuse that occurs repeatedly and cumulatively over a prolonged period of time. The victims often feel powerless and see no hope of escape.

PMH suggests that if you are feeling any of the symptoms or indicators of CPTSD or any emotional challenge:

You should seek help today!

Education is the key to making more people aware of the signs of mental illnesses and treatment options.

CPTSD Foundation is here to provide the safety, life skills, relational education, and reparative experiences a survivor needs so they can create new habits and experience optimum health in every area of life.

Their Daily Recovery Support program also includes:

  • Healing Book Club
  • Weekly Creative Group

More resources coming soon!

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