Are you suffering from


There is a better way to live!
Are you suffering from


There is a better way to live!

Are you suffering from a Toxic Abusive Relationship?

We all know at least one man who is or has been emotionally abused.

Men are taught to believe that being strong includes enduring emotional abuse.

However, seeking support is not a sign of weakness, quite on the contrary it’s a sign of strength.

Have you been:

  • Belittled, humiliated, embarrassed, and felt worthless recently?
  • To avoid arguments, did you put frequently your partner’s wishes and needs above your own?  
  • If you have a child with your partner, have you experienced parental alienation in raising your child? 
  • Been threatened by your partner and scared of losing your child access?
  • Become isolated from your friends and family?
  • Become depressed, suicidal, and changed body appearance (lose or gain significant weight)?
  • Indulged in destructive behaviors such as gambling, alcohol, or drugs?

Then you are a victim of a Toxic Abusive Relationship.

Have you stepped into Tar?

Toxic Abusive Relationships have clinically several things in common, where one partner has the following traits:

  • Little or no empathy or compassion for others.
  • Lack of insight into how so many have been hurt in their “wake.”
  • Lack of guilt or remorse in all situations.
  • Engages in distraction through raging, projections, and blame-shifting.
  • Always trying to win, especially when children are involved.
  • Little or no accountability in their own life.

There is a better way to live!

PMH is a unique Oasis for Men to heal from any Emotional Challenge.

We offer safe and private concierge‑style alternative services that are not available for this highly specialized situation around High Conflict Relationships in all areas of your life: family, friends, romantic relationships, and high-conflict situations at work. We also specialize in parental alienation.

Our Mission

Helping men improve their lives, break free from toxic abusive relationships, reclaim their “lost” identity, improve their well-being, and reconnect with their alienated children one step at a time.

Our Purpose

Our vision is to raise awareness about the “hidden clinical epidemic” of our times, a transgenerational abuse that takes hundreds of lives daily across the globe. We are here to help you come out of the fog of war and learn new and innovative skills on how to cope with any emotional challenge. 

Our core team

Dr. Jamie

Transformational Coach, Psychologist, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and Certified Compassion Fatigue Therapist.
A “Narcissist Blackbelt Ninja” who helps people overcome their traumatic experiences using his comprehensive trauma-informed approach that lifts the mind and spirit when dealing with High Conflict Relationships.


Writer and Empath whose focus is to provide useful information to others about Toxic Abusive Relationships and help them recover. A “Warrior” who encourages people to overcome their limiting beliefs and fears to lead meaningful lives and escape Toxic Abusive Relationships, especially when children are involved.

Mila’s articles cover clinical and experience-based standpoints on topics: Parental Alienation, Narcissism, Malicious Parent Syndrome, Stepparenting and Shared Parenting in TAR situations where children are involved. She provides practical, vulnerable, and real-life examples to help men recover and overcome their fears.

She will help you heal, one article at a time.

Healing your own trauma is quite possibly the greatest act of self love.

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