Rising Beyond the Abuse with Partners in Men’s Health

Two clinicians – destined to get together – discuss how Johnny Depp has helped men to speak up.

The six-week Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard trial was live-streamed for the public to see and, as a result, millions of fans siding with both Mr. Depp and Ms. Heard watched the proceedings unfold right in front of their eyes.  After the court trial came to an end as a massive victory for Johnny Depp, more men have been empowered to speak up about their own experiences with abuse. It’s evident that domestic violence against men is indeed a reality. Abuse should never be acceptable to anyone, regardless of gender. More and more people should talk about it.  

When a superstar, celebrity, or someone in the public eye stands up against something so serious, it inspires others – rightfully so – to speak up.

Dr. Jamie, founder of Partners in Men’s Health (PMH), trauma-informed Psychologist, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and certified Compassion Fatigue Therapist has been working for over 30 years to help men and women develop the coping skills to overcome their traumatic, degrading experiences using a comprehensive trauma-informed approach and assist them to become aware, transform, and find self-love in spite of Toxic Abusive Relationships (TAR).

In an exclusive therapist-to-therapist interview, Dr. Jamie sits down with Angelica Poirier, RNBN, MACP, and Psychotherapist, to discuss a new perspective surrounding TAR that the trial has brought to so many people’s awareness.

Dr. Jamie and Angelica Interview

In this video, Angelica has collaborated with a nationally known Psychologist, Dr. Jamie Huysman, and has developed an outstanding YouTube channel called “RISE Beyond Abuse” to raise awareness of abuse and other mental health issues. An effort has been made to make sense of the Depp-Heard trial for many media outlets over the past months.

RISE Beyond Abuse

To get in touch with Angelica, please visit her website and check out her vast array of services. Also, follow her YouTube Channel @ “RISE Beyond Abuse”!

Partners in Men’s Health

PMH helps all partners and spouses locked in TAR. We support everyone to open up and heal with dignity through the concealed pandemic of Emotional Abuse at the hands of Personality Disordered loved ones.

TAR Tales

TAR Tales was created by a team behind the PMH organization, to allow everyone to tell the world their traumatic real-life stories. A movement where once and for all, those who suffered in silence will have the opportunity to share their Truth.

Become part of the international movement and please inspire us and the world with your sharing your TAR Tales.  

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